Joshua: More Than a Conqueror

We’ve just finished filming “Joshua: More Than a Conqueror,” a series of 8 TV programs for Zola Levitt Presents.  Highlights include Joshua’s encounter on Mount Sinai with Moses, his mission as a spy, leadership in taking Jericho, cunning at the City of Ai, and his final heartfelt challenge before the Children of Israel. 

Dramatic reenactments portray Joshua as one who responds well to the voice of the Lord and in so doing deals with the immense responsibility that comes with victory and the inevitable pain that results from unexpected loss. 

Insightful teaching is shared by Dr. Jeffrey Seif as he visits many of the key sites in Israel where Joshua led the Children of Israel from the Jordan River to the beautiful hills of the Promised Land.  The series is a reminder for us to put our full trust in the Lord despite the circumstances, knowing that, like Joshua, we too are more than conquerors.  We are the champions.