Revelation: Unveiling the Visions

In “Revelation: Unveiling the Visions,” Dr. Seif goes through each chapter of the last book in the Bible, searching for the main themes and lessons that would apply to the original readers (approximately 95 A.D.) and for us as well. The book of Revelation is chock full of tribulation, darkness and judgment but the Lamb of God begins and ends the book.

Kings and Kingdoms

Berg Productions’ team constantly seeks to present the Word in ways that are meaningful and relevant. During this presidential election year, we’ve produced a series, “Kings and Kingdoms,” that compares the success or failure of ancient kings of Israel and Judah, uncovering lessons in leadership and principles that still apply to the leaders we choose today. As always, Dr. Jeffrey Seif teaches from location and then discusses the meaning and application with David and Kirsten Hart in studio.


Reviews of Ken’s Book

From reader Ryan:

Hello Ken! I received your book this week and I just want to thank you again for autographing it. My son and I went through the book page by page this afternoon. We had a great conversation ranging from photography, to God’s Word, His land and people. I think your book was an incredible idea, a joy for believers, a marvel for new believers, an eye-opener for those just learning about the Jewish roots of their faith, and most importantly, proof to the real historicity of the Bible to those seeking God. I know that Zola would of been proud of your book. I will highly recommend your book to people and churches. Take Care Kenneth!!! Ryan

From Reader Pam Turley-Abernathy:  
I want to thank my daughter, Karen Jo Rogers for purchasing this wonderful book from the Kenneth Berg Collection for me. It’s a truly beautiful composition of his amazing work in the Holy Land. It was a huge surprise when I received it in the mail. I had no idea who had ordered it for me and had to ask Kenneth. Thank you again, my beautiful daughter. I’m enjoying it immensely! I love you so very much!