Summer Sessions at The Country Network

We’ve just finished up another productive session in Studios A and B at The Country Network. David and Kirsten Hart, our new studio hosts for Zola Levitt Presents, were in Dallas this month to get segments for “Times of the Signs” completed, which will begin re-airing in July 2017. We also completed programs for our upcoming series, “Called Together with Eitan Shishkoff,” which will air August – October 2017. In addition to the program’s studio segments, David and Kirsten were able to lay down some music tracks. Some exciting things on the horizon for sure!

Hot-Air Balloon Ride

Ken & crew in hotair balloon
Had a great time in a hot-air balloon the other day. We were shooting a segment with Myles & Kathrine Weiss for Zola Levitt Presents. I love Israel in the springtime!

Pre-Production in Sepphoris

A group photo in Sepphoris during our pre-production phase includes left to right Bill Elliott/director of photography, Tal Barda/producer, Frank Gampel/production designer, Ken Berg/director, and Uzi Leibner/Head of Classical Archaeology Hebrew University.