Reviews of Ken’s Book

From reader Ryan:

Hello Ken! I received your book this week and I just want to thank you again for autographing it. My son and I went through the book page by page this afternoon. We had a great conversation ranging from photography, to God’s Word, His land and people. I think your book was an incredible idea, a joy for believers, a marvel for new believers, an eye-opener for those just learning about the Jewish roots of their faith, and most importantly, proof to the real historicity of the Bible to those seeking God. I know that Zola would of been proud of your book. I will highly recommend your book to people and churches. Take Care Kenneth!!! -Ryan

From Reader Pam Turley-Abernathy:  
I want to thank my daughter, Karen Jo Rogers for purchasing this wonderful book from the Kenneth Berg Collection for me. It’s a truly beautiful composition of his amazing work in the Holy Land. It was a huge surprise when I received it in the mail. I had no idea who had ordered it for me and had to ask Kenneth. Thank you again, my beautiful daughter. I’m enjoying it immensely! I love you so very much!