Berg Productions is honored to be among those who are providing video for the Museum of the Bible in Washington DC, due to open in 2017. The Museum is a massive project, encompassing a history of the entire Bible with artifacts, videos and interactive technology. Berg’s slice of history will address the period of Jesus and how, despite the counter-efforts of Herod Antipas, He built a mighty empire based on the hearts of men.

Pictured here is Sepphoris, an archeological site near Nazareth where Jesus is believed to have spent some of his early childhood.

New Series “Joseph”

We’ll be in the studio again in a few months to shoot segments for our upcoming series for Zola Levitt Present’s, “Joseph”. The thrust of the series is the mystery of “Mashiach Ben Josef” in relation to ” Mashiach Ben David”–the Suffering One who is also the reigning King.

new studio