Limestone Plaque

When I think about Jerusalem I think about the Old City.

Photographically it’s a gem, embellished with walls of gold when the sun sets upon the glistening limestone.

I’m pleased to offer you my personal keepsake of this city featuring the Psalmist’s reminder to “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.”

It’s a limestone plaque that I’ve designed and had fabricated in Israel featuring a favorite photo of mine.

One of Israel’s greatest sculptors handmade these plaques, so each one is completely different.

My friend has made some of my other keepsakes as well and was recently chosen to create the large limestone plaque located on the front of the new US Embassy in Jerusalem.

My plaque measures 8” X 5” and can be hung on the wall or placed upon an olivewood stand which was made in Bethlehem.

This is real Jerusalem limestone.

Weighing nearly two pounds, it’s the very same stone used in the US Embassy plaque and the same stone that was used in building the Temple.

If you love Jerusalem as I do then I know you’ll be blessed by this reminder of God’s Holy City.

-Kenneth Berg