Blessings: A Journal of Praise and Worship, Volume Two

My new book, “Blessings: A Journal of Praise and Worship, Volume Two,” is hot off the press, and I’m anxious to get it into your home.

Volume Two contains photographs, the majority of which were taken in the Holy Land, accompanied by scripture, thoughts and prayers. There are also spaces to add your own notes, thoughts and prayers as you feel led.

During difficult times and good times, we can know that He is watching over our comings and goings, keeping us from harm, both now and forevermore (Psalm 121:7-8). He will answer our prayers; He delights in our praise.

Excerpt: Just as the sun rises over the Sea of Galilee and brings with it the promise of a new day, so too does the Lord’s Word rekindle within us the peace, joy and love that can be ours. May this book be a blessing as you start each day with Him.